When you think of the word rich, what comes to mind?

When you think of the word rich, what comes to mind?

Lamborghini’s, Yachts, Women or a Rolex? Or maybe the image of a man lighting a cigar with a $100 Bill?

Society have governed us to believe that to be rich is to have an abundance of possessions or wealth.


When I think of the word rich I think of actions, people, places, a moment in time. Anything that a person can do that will better their life through memorable experiences. Living a life to feed the soul!

The soul in many religions, philosophical and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and immortal essence of a living being. According to Abrahamic religions, only human beings have immortal souls.


If this is all we as human beings have then why do we constantly feel the need to work in a job that we hate, to spend money on things that we don’t need, to
impress people we don’t actually like? I’m sorry to be a the one to say it but this is the truth.

We get one human life. Why would you want to waste it by not feeding the one thing that you will take on with you to the next place.

Coming out of school I felt that I already knew the answers, like most 18 year olds “do”. The difference was that the questions I was asking myself wasn’t how much money I wanted to earn each month as a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant (cough). No. The big question was what do you want to do? Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel everyday?

I feel like I knew how to answer those. I wanted to travel the world! I wanted to feed my hungry soul!

So very cliche of a young man who has just spent 12 years of his 18 in a school uniform with short back and sides being fed trigonometry and how to manage your boss’s Money.

Money. The bare necessity to live. How would I make it?

Marsha Sinetar once said: “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

I love to travel and experience new cultures. So I did.

I asked my parents for a ticket to Europe to experience french culture, as this was one of my matric subjects. They obliged but on the basis that I would come back after a year and pick a degree to study. I agreed.

France, the home of cheese and wine. I have arrived. My plan was to experience this great nation in its entirety. Fast forward a month,  I have no money and an unusual round thing coming out of my stomach that I had never seen before (some refer to it as a “boep” but I never will). Thank you cheese, wine and a lack of any form of training.

After a year spent abroad I managed to get onto a super yacht that travelled to several European countries including the likes of Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel. Culture shock overload! During my time on board M/Y SonKa I just couldn’t get one thing off of my mind.

No it wasn’t those French women tanning naked on the, near perfect, beaches of The French Riviera (on second thought) No, what kept me up at night lying in my bathroom sized cabin was  that organic “mystery in a bottle” called wine. All those nights spent with new and exciting people from all corners of the globe sharing happiness with a cold glass of sunshine.

This was it! A passion that I have been longing for all these years.

Find out about my degree, subsequent job and thousands of bottles of wine consumed in my next blog.


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