South African Menswear Week | SS 15/16

South African Menswear Week | SS 15/16

The second South African Menswear Fashion Week dedicated solely to men’s fashion took place, last week, in my hometown of Cape Town.

Their vision – to be the leading platform in terms of innovation, trends, production and most importantly, the promotion of local designers in the fashion industry. A platform which enables designers to grow their businesses, solidify their identity and showcase their current work.

Media coverage for menswear in our country has taken a massive leap in the past three years from having seemingly minimal exposure to having a week dedicated to it. Such hype and enthusiasm is great for the industry and a breath of fresh air for many.

Men are becoming more conscious of what they wear and how they look. The ‘Metrosexual Man’ has been around for a while in first world countries like the US, UK and many parts of Europe, where fashion is a major contributor in their lives. With influential industry leaders such as David Gandy, Tom Ford, Pharrell, David Beckham and most recently Cristiano Ronaldo setting a high standard for all to follow, the everyday man has become more conscious of visual identities. You’ll never catch these gentleman in an outfit which hasn’t had consideration put into it.

While South Africa is still behind the US and Europe when it comes to fashion and trends, we are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with thanks to the collaboration of industry leaders and the powers of media. Ideas, trends and information can be seen and spread instantaneously, fans and colleagues can now follow, like and communicate with their favourite designers and personalities in a space that allows freedom of expression, style and identity.

3 days before the shows kicked off I got the fortunate opportunity to see what was in store for this Fashion Week with fittings and rehearsals taking place before opening night.

I was fortunate enough to represent FMBCJ by Craig Jacobs, Nguni Shades, Orange Culture and Kola Kuddus.

Each and every design was bold and inspirational. As a model it is of utmost importance to be comfortable and confident in what is worn to portray the best image of what is on show. I felt as if the items were specifically tailored to my specifications and felt ready to take on the ramp.

Show time:


SA Menswear Week


SA Menswear Week 2015


The opening night was filled with the who’s who of the Cape Town fashion world. From designers to bloggers, photographers to stylists. There was eager anticipation in the air.

Backstage was buzzing like a busy train station in Central London with interviews, flashing lights, event organisers and the general loud chit chat of a usual behind the scenes set.

I sat down with the MAC makeup team to get what I needed to be done in terms of face make up to which the designer thought would be best to suit his clothing design. Kudos to MAC team for always being so friendly and professional in the midst of organised chaos.

Hair was next with GHD, I always enjoy sitting in the “Hair-Chair”. Every hairstyle is different and I admire the creativity of the hairdressers that do it. These guys and girls certainly deserve more recognition!


Stay tuned for pics and behind the scenes of SA Menswear Fashion Week Part II…

Warwick D.



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