It starts… Health & Fitness

It starts… Health & Fitness

Another large chunk of my life, and something that I do everyday, is work towards and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. I do this through healthy eating, training and other activities such as surfing, trail running, yoga, rock climbing, etc.

I’ve always been interested in sports and did as many activities as I could until life started getting busy and I become a fully-fledged adult (more responsibilities and less activities). This hasn’t ever changed and I’m now at a point where it is a part of my job to keep myself in shape. So no real massive life change as it has always been the case. Although there are times that a serious focus needs to be put on cutting or leaning out, campaign dependant of course.

I take pride in my athletic ability, and physical appearance, as it is a controllable. You can workout, you can train, you can eat healthy and you can live a healthy lifestyle. You can be mindful about all things and actively work towards making them habitual.

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Over the coming weeks, I will be putting some focus on telling you how I go about keeping fit and all the things that I feel are important when it comes to feeling good. Whenever I think of health, fitness, training and nutrition I always think of the “Healthy Body, Health Mind” mantra and it is undoubtedly true.

Think of a time when you weren’t feeling the greatest health wise, it most definitely had some sort of effect on your mind. It works the other way as well. If your mind isn’t right and focused then you tend to skip training sessions and eat worse than you should. This can often lead to a downward spiral until you look at yourself and say you need a change. This has happened to everyone at some stage in their lives and I’ve been through it more than once.

You often don’t know it’s happening and then all of a sudden you packed on a few pounds, are partying too hard and not training as much as you should. Because of the industry that I’m in, I cannot afford to be caught up or caught out. So, I’ve perfected a few habits or routines that keep me on the right path. Having said that, I don’t religiously follow a workout schedule and eating plan. I just make sure that I’m active and mindful of what I put into my body.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my training tips, some workouts that I’ve doing for years and a few “secrets” that should help with all thing fitness and health. As I go from article to article, I would really appreciate feedback and whether or not my posts are helping. I’m always keen to add to anyone’s health buzz.

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