From an early age I has always been fascinated with travel and an above average appetite for adventure. Being fortunate enough to travel internationally from a young age and being exposed to the 1st World I grew increasingly interested in modern arts & culture and in particular, a passion for fashion.

From big wave surfing in the Indonesian islands, snowboarding the Austrian Alps, to sailing Superyachts in the Mediterranean Sea the first 2 years after Matriculating High School, I decided to “settle down” in Stellenbosch where I studied a 4 year degree in Winemaking (not your run of the mill subject to study).  I have always had a passion for wine and the wine industry as I believe this is where science meets art and culminates in producing an organic product that ultimately makes people happy.

Moving back into the City I wanted to start modelling as I believed this would allow to me some free time to figure out what it was that i wanted to do as well as being able to meet a whole new echelon of people. I joined 20 Model Management and began my Model journey.

3 years later and I feel like I have made huge inroads in the modelling Industry both locally and internationally. My first stint abroad included fashion hotspots such as London and New York racking up a German Cologne Campaign in the first week of travels. From there on things went from strength to strength, shooting with the big names in Photography who have added phenomenal value to my portfolio with the “picture magic” that we have managed to produce.

Keep following my journey as I feel that this is just the beginning..